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 Who We Are

We are a group of animal lovers who are passionate about animal welfare. We strive to be the Voices for Animals to tell their stories. We believe that all animals are important and deserving of mercy, comfort, happiness, and respect. Our primary goal is to give them a voice. We work to eliminate animal suffering and overpopulation, educate the public, and promote sensitivity and concern for all animals.

Our Promise

It's not always easy to distinguish trusted sustainability content from agenda-oriented or sales-oriented articles. We strive to beat the noise, and deliver reliable, reliable and accessible content. 

Reporting with integrity. When it comes to our content, we are committed to complete transparency. Sponsored Content is clearly marked as such, and we disclose all potential conflicts of interest. We do not accept payment for editorial coverage.

Never preach. Just because we are experts doesn't mean we are good at ourselves. We may be peachy, but we don't preach.

Trust the science. We will never be influenced by the latest hot clips or political politics. The basis of our writing, editing and fact-checking is rigorous scientific research - and we always cite our sources.

Quality Standards

Our editors review our text, images and illustrations before publishing to ensure that our articles are accurate and of the highest quality.

Once a story is published, we have a group of experienced independent editors responsible for validating the information and updating our content library, ensuring regularly that every piece of content on the site is up-to-date, accurate, and free from ethical concerns, conflicts, or misinformation. If an article has been modified, the date of the last update is given at the top of the page. Did you find something old? Let us know by emailing us at voiceforanimal.org@gmail.com. We review all reader feedback and make updates to our content as needed.

Voice For Animal

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